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Did you ever wonder what makes a recruiter so great at finding your dream job? Well, probably not, but the fact you're here means I am going to tell you anyway. 

Relating to our Standards in Recruitment blog post, it is good to know what to expect along your recruitment journey from both a client and candidate perspective - but it is also essential for a recruiter to know how to, well, recruit. As there are different levels of involvement within the process, there is no systematic way in effective consulting, however there are some key standards which we feel every recruitment consultant should follow.


Isn't it crazy how talking to people gets results? Through practice, we found it evident that regular communication with customers encourages relationship building, including the ability to understand in depth exactly what it is they need.  Someone, somewhere once said "We have two ears and one mouth, so we can listen twice as much as we speak" - which means, as well as a asking questions to gain understanding, the recruiter should be paying attention to detail, in order to retain that information, which can result in successful partnering in the matching process.


Connecting your clients and candidates efficiently means a recruiter should be looking, and looking... and looking. They should be researching and educating themselves on markets, competitors, locations and all of that malarky, which would make their CV-Interview-Job rate just as good as their morning Starbucks coffee.


It's not a 'one customer at a time' role, in fact it's quite the opposite, recruitment consultants deal with several clients and candidates every day, via e-mail, phone, videocall and meetings, the lot. Resulting in the need to stay focused (with help of coffee), motivated and organised throughout their day, whilst remembering the different bits of information needed for their clients and candidates (Now you get the Starbucks coffee bit, right?).

There are many aspects to developing into a dynamic recruitment consultant, and with skills in the 3 mentioned areas, they should definitely be on track to landing the right jobs, with the right people, for the right people. If you want to see first hand, what an effecftive recruiter looks like, click here.