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As a candidate, job searching can become quite tedious, especially if your recruiter isn't giving you the relevant help and advice. Now, I know this is no secret to anyone who has ever heard the word 'recruitment', but all candidates should know what standard of service they should be receiving at the different levels of the recruitment process - However, sometimes it can seem as clear as a British sky - that's where we come in.

1. Heading through the recruitment tunnel in the dark can cause some confusion and frustration for job searchers, as they can then assume that all consultants take this 'inpersonable' route on the track to finding employment. That's why we are here to hand you the torch, or better yet, put you on a train.

2.Tah Dah! Here at Kensington Consulting, we offer our candidates a detailed guide to the recruitment process, in order to demonstrate the diversifications from the Contingency to the Retained level of recruitment, as we want to help them understand what service they are getting in comparison to others to which they may prefer.

3. The Recruitment Guide is our take on the process, so no, it's not the Recruitment Bible, but as a trusted consultancy firm (REC audited, just saying), this process recognition is second nature to our team.​

Speak to one of our consultants today and begin your elite recruitment process with Kensington, whilst understanding what service you should be getting directly from us!