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Creating the 'perfect' CV can seem like a dreaded chore to which you would choose doing the ironing over. However, if you had a clear guide on what to write and how to write it, that ironing pile may just start to grow a little. At Kensington Consulting, we understand the importance of a great CV and also what makes one, so we've provided some key tips to remember when writing one (disclaimer: we take no credit for un-ironed shirts).

1. Keep it Simple

Your aim is to make your CV as easy-to-read as possible, therefore you should keep your font and layout simple in order to encourage the employer to continue reading. When you apply through external job sites the format can also change, so keep your layout as simple and straight forward as possible to ensure compatibility with job sites.

2. Avoid generic terms

Don't be average. Steer away from using generic terms such as 'I am good at communication' - instead you should explain why you're good at communication by providing examples of when you have executed this skill. Remember, your CV is likely to be amongst many others which the employer will be reading, so make it stand out, keep your profile concise and eye catching, avoiding too many 'I am a...', and istead use key relevant terminology of your desired industry.

3. Market Yourself

You are your own sales strategy. Understanding your key strengths and marketing these throughout your CV is essential. You should demonstrate your unique combination of experience and skills whilst explaining how these are related to your desired career. If you are applying for several jobs with different abilities needed, ensure you are tailoring it to each of those, so the employer can see directly how you'd fit in with this role and the company.

4. Proof read

Once you have finished your CV, read through it several times, as well as asking a second person to proof read before sending it out. Human error is very common, and that small spelling mistake could change the meaning of an entire sentence.

5. Update it

Displaying an old CV can look unprofessional, so each time you learn/do something new which is relevant and beneficial to your career path, update your CV with this information, so it is ready to be handed over to an employee at a moments notice. As mentioned earlier, you should also be updating it to fit with the standards of the different roles you are applying for.

We offer great CV writing advice to push you in the right direction for your future career. Call one of our friendly consultants for more help and guidance, and maybe a number for a laundry ironer.