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Does everyone remember that one kid on the football team that would hog the ball, and then missed when trying to shoot. Yes, no one was fond of that person - and the same goes for all teams. A collaborative team is more likely to show effective business results than an 'every man for himself' type of team, as supporting your team members as they support you can only lead to great results.

Team Roles

Every person within a team will take different roles, some leadership, some forward thinkers and others listeners - but it is important to understand how everyone works to assign them projects to meet their abilities. However, a team manager should also consider how to build on skills by taking people out of their comfort zone and allowing them to develop in other areas. Knowing how you work with different types of team members is key as this can help lead to a collaborative method instead of a competitive one. You should learn the different approaches your team members have to avoid any misunderstanding and just to generally get to know their working styles.

Team Support

Results are generated through hard work, and those who work hard are more than likely to get recognition by team leaders. It is essential that when this happens to only let this motivate you to do better, whilst also praising your team members for their hard work - when you see this in full effect, you will see a strong team with a great support system, which is likely to keep moral and motivation at a high level.

Team Goals

Mission statements and business goals are there for a reason. Heading towards a mutual goal can keep all team members on the same track, preventing anyone for steaming ahead or falling behind. Also, setting individual targets, all aiming to one overal goal is effective, as each member may need to perform different tasks, so it may be relevant to have differentiating objectives sitting under the main aim.

Recruitment is known to be a competitive playground, both externally and internally, but it is important to remember, to build and grow a business, having your employees work together, determined to achieve your companies goals will always be the best route to success.