Retained Recruitment: Why it pays off

Retained Recruitment: Why it pays off

30 Jan 08:00 by Nicole Afflick


How often in life is “Quantity over Quality” the better solution?

I learnt this the hard way. Friday night in my household is Curry night, my personal favourite being Chicken Tikka Masala, or should I say was, as it soon became my enemy once it leaped from my lap and onto my cream carpet.

After attempted cleaning... smudging, the stain wouldn't budge - I needed a new carpet. I called five different carpet fitters, asking for the cheapest price in the fastest time they could do it, the race was on. I also explained to them all that I was asking four other companies to do this work and the first one to deliver my new carpet would be the one who got paid. I didn’t really care which one.

A few days went by and I had no response from any of them, so I called them all asking for any quotes/dates, and they explained they were all super busy, and that I basically joined the queue of other stained carpet people.

It was a week later and I had grown tired of the smell of the curry - it just made me hungry all the time. So I did some research online, read some reviews and tried another carpet fitter. He had a very different approach as he was asking for an upfront payment, to which I was hesitant, but he then followed by explaining, he will come and review the carpet in person before he just brings any colour based on pictures, he also added that by paying I am reserving a large part of his time, to which he will take out to find me the perfect match. I felt he had justified my commitment now.

Three days later, I had a perfect looking carpet, he even threw in a carpet clean so it would all shine together. Although I was cursing them for their lack of performance, I realised the first five companies I called were simply showing me the same level of commitment I had shown them and it was my process which was at fault.

The same goes for recruitment. Engaging with multiple agencies to fill one role results in nothing more than a race to find the most available active candidate i.e. quantity – a large quantity of CV’s which may vaguely match some keywords.

Whereas engaging and committing to one recruiter on a retained basis allows a full search of both the entire passive and active markets and a carefully selected shortlist of CV’s, all of which are capable of performing in the role i.e. quality.

If you're more of a 'Quality over Quantity' type of person and want to know how our Retained process works in more detail, contact our expert consultants to discuss further on 01257 268273.