Rapid + TCT: Kensington Review

Rapid + TCT: Kensington Review

02 May 08:00 by Nicole Afflick


Another year, another great show!

This year we had the opportunity to interact with the most

influential Additive Manufacturing community. We witnessed

hundreds of exhibitors, who illustrated the current and future

advancements in 3D Printing. We had the chance to watch

interesting key note speeches and attended great networking

events such as the River Ranch Stockyards, Fort Worth.

Texas truly did not disappoint! At a staggering pace, there are

new AM companies, products and services developing. 

We found the AM industry is excited about new design and 

approaches, however engineers and designers must now 

decide what is practical and where their focus is required. It

was evident that the main topics for discussion were pricing,

supply chain and quality.


New Machines - Three large Additive players unveiled some

new machines, specifically made for end-use production. GE 

Additive showcased the new metal additive system, Arcam

EBM Spectra H. Ultimaker released their new desktop 3D

printer - Ultimaker S5, known to be the largest desktop 3D

printer in the industry. Whilst Stratasys announced their new

F900 Platform, for the use of prototyping and production.

Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) – Being an emerging 

manufacturing technology this has the potential to change the 

way metal parts are manufactured. With the opportunity to

achieve lightweight metal parts, complex 

geometries and reduced components, this is one to keep an

eye on. 

Medical – Additive Manufacturing has already been proven to

be a success within the Medical Device market. Point of care,

devices and dental are all leveraging the capabilities of AM to

improve how they manufacture and what they manufacture.

Desktop Metal's Software – This advanced software

determines how to best fabricate complex parts while

providing a real time analysis of each optimisation scenario.

DM cloud software ensures maximum security and protection

of IP.

HP – A coloured printing platform, taking 3D printing to a new

level, showcasing a great colour range which can now be used

to 3D print in colour.

Key note speech higlight – The USA Olympic Luge team using 3D printing to gain the edge in order to win a medal. The

difference of a 1/1000 of a second means all the difference

and 3D printing has gained the USA a competitive advantage.

As always, Todd Grimm brilliantly summarised the industry during his speech, explaining in detail each company, development and overall showcasing the highlights of the exhibitors.

Overall, it's great to see the industry continue to make the move from prototyping to production. Very excited for next years, and the developments to come - where will 3D printing go from now?