Staying Afloat in a Crowded Talent Pool

Staying Afloat in a Crowded Talent Pool

08 Jun 12:00 by Nicole Afflick


We've all been there. Endless job applications, uploading your CV to every job board, and if you're lucky 1 or 2 may come back to you - Why is this?


Well, there are many ways that you can float to the top in a crowded talent pool. Some may say 'if you have the qualifications, you should get the job', but from an employers' perspective, hiring a new employee is a great investment, for both their time and their money, so finding the ideal candidate is essential. Every company follows a certain culture, (some people even have office dogs these days - too bad if you don't like dogs), making it important to find someone who will blend into company values day-to-day.


Standing out can depend on the job you're applying for. To begin you should always do your research, whether it be a website, social media or word of mouth referral, just ensure you know what they're looking for in an employee and what value you can add to the company. You should portray this in your application/CV/cover letter. This is just a starting point, there are many other ways to increase your chances of being noticed amongst other applicants, and here are some tips on how to do so...


Don't let your CV disappear

Your CV is your first impression. It is important that you put yourself in front of the employer to increase your chances of getting noticed. Always update your CV if you have any new qualifications, hobbies etc. Firstly, this is important as that new qualification could be the deal breaker in a hiring manager approaching you, and also a little job board secret - updating your CV can increase your chances of getting to the top of the candidate search list, which means you may have a higher opportunity at being noticed or getting that all important call from a hiring manager. In addition, adding a cover letter provides another layer to getting to know you, and showcases why you feel you deserve the job, so keep this in mind. For more advice on CV tips view our Top 5 CV Writing Tips blog.


LinkedIn presence

The professional orientated social platform allows users to present their work-self and personal-self, allowing employers to understand a little more about the candidate. However, this is only if LinkedIn is optimised. It can become a replica of your CV, so sharing your interests, beliefs, and hobbies can put you at an advantage when your profile is being reviewed (if this fits well with the hiring managers specification). You will need to engage with your audience, by posting/sharing/liking, and demonstrating some of that personality. For more tips, read our blog on How To Utilise LinkedIn.


The right things to say to the Hiring Manager

You've been fortunate enough to get yourself noticed by the Hiring Manager... woo hoo, but this is just another stepping stone. Your first conversation with the person who will be putting you forward for the job is a key part of the job search process. Demonstrating yourself professionally, whilst showing your personality is essential. The Hiring Manager knows your qualifications (he's not a psychic, he's just read your CV), so this is your opportunity to show your main strengths, whether it be that you have been traveling, or play sport, or know a language. All these extra attributes are just as important as your experience, so make sure you show them and how they have developed you as a person.


Out Of Work Networking

Knowing your industry inside out may well be the key to having that competitive advantage. Attending events which will allow you to network and/or increase your knowledge, can illustrate the commitment to your career. In some scenarios, who you know can also give you an advantage, so networking and knowing the right people could provide a great reference for your next job. If you want some advice on effective networking, have a look at our blog, A Guide To Networking.


There are plenty of ways to increase your chances of getting noticed by a Hiring Manager - as recruiters, we have a pretty good idea. If you have any questions on any of the above, or a general work finding query, don't hesitate to contact us.