The Cost of a Bad Hire

The Cost of a Bad Hire

09 Aug 09:00 by Nicole Afflick


You spend time putting together a job brief.

You spend time putting together a job advert.

You spend time contacting candidates.

You spend time on candidate interviews.

You spend money on hiring your new employee.

You spend money on training your new employee.

Just to discover, after a few months, that they're not fitting in.

Why is this? Well, you initially invited them in for an interview after only seeing their CV. Then, during the interview, you asked technical and skill based questions, which seemed suitable to the role. However, there was no process involved for assessing the personality compatibility to your company values. 

Why is this so important? Introducing a new employee is a positive move for a company, but unfortunately it can be a timely and costly process if it's unsuccessful. In 2017, the Recrutiment and Employment Confederation surveyed over 500 HR professionals to delve into their recruitment processes. This infographic was designed to summarise the findings of this survey and explain how important hiring right first time is...

The solution? The study shows that implementing soft skill assessments are key in avoiding a bad hire and ensuring the candidate is both technically and culturally suitable to the role and company.

The tool we use? Kensington V.I.P. a two-way video interview platform that saves time, resources and money by assessing the candidate before a first stage face-to-face interview takes place. With a current record of 100% success using this platform, we can help our clients get the hire right the first time round. How it works? Click here to see how this FREE platform allows our clients to gain a genuine insight into the candidates personality before using any resources.