Why Recruitment Fails

Why Recruitment Fails

15 Mar 09:00 by Matthew Smethurst


Has there ever been a time where you have been searching for the ideal candidate for your business, and no matter how many interviews, you're just not finding 'the one'? When making the decision to employ someone you need to ensure that the candidate is the correct fit for your role AND your business, as hiring the wrong person can cost you a lot of money.


To begin with, here are a couple of questions...

Do you use several agencies to find someone?

Do you fully know what type of person you are looking for?

Have you clearly defined a detailed job brief including skill and personality fit?

Do you know how to convey your company values through the application process?

Depending on your answers to each of those questions may be the reason that your hiring strategy has failed/is failing.

In this blog we will talk through the major pitfalls to avoid when recruiting and then advise as to how you can improve your recruitment efforts going forward.


What are the main pitfalls?

A lot of the key pitfalls to avoid are quite simple, but can have dramatic effects on your recruitment.

1. Not setting clear plans/goals

Ensuring that you have clear plans and goals for the position you are trying to fill is as important as ensuring you are hiring the correct candidate. It shows the candidate that you have a plan for them. By not setting clear plans and goals for the role you’re recruiting for could result in losing out on your dream candidate – which of course no employer wants. By outlining your goals for a candidate shows your long term plans and commitments to the potential employee.

2. Neglecting your company values during the recruitment process

Company values should be something that dictate the way a company acts and communicates with its employees, clients and stakeholders. Not using your values through the recruitment process, allows for the possibility of recruiting a candidate that doesn’t mirror how you want your employees to act, which is something that can be disastrous for companies that pride themselves on its morals and values. Putting your values at the front of your recruitment process allows for you to find the candidate that isn’t just the perfect fit for the role but also your company.

3. Quantity over Quality

When it comes to recruitment, a common misconception is that you want to post your role in places that are highly visited, in turn giving you the largest volume of applications. This is not the case as finding good candidates when you have been inundated with applications is like finding the needle in a haystack. By using a recruitment consultant who knows not just your company but the industry inside out, means that the right high quality candidates get sourced saving you time and ensure you hire the right candidate first time round.


What can Kensington Consulting do to improve your recruitment?

There are several things that we at Kensington Consulting do that will set your role out from the crowd and bring in high quality candidates.

1. Advertising the job

Advertising the job is something that you may think you do, but when you actually drill down to it you realise you simply just post a job specification. We take the advertising aspect seriously, ensuring that every job advert is a tailored and bespoke service. Key skills are a major requirement of all jobs, so conveying this in a different manner can open the application up to a whole new market of potential candidates, for example if a role is varied why not ask the candidate if they like trying new foods and expanding their horizons to new challenges? By putting ourselves in your candidates’ shoes it allows us to tailor the advert to their wants and needs, creating bespoke offerings.

2. Investing time in candidates

At Kensington Consulting we invest time in candidates, this guarantees that the hire gets done right first time. By investing our time and experience in candidates we ensure that they will fit perfectly for your role, becoming an asset to your company. This approach varies from other agencies as they will try to source as many candidates as quickly as possible, with the quality not being to the highest degree. However we ensure that all our processes are thorough, guaranteeing that at the end of the process you are happy with your hire.

3. Correct pre-screening methods

Pre-screening methods are extremely popular in the recruitment process, as it allows you to streamline the process by asking the necessary questions in video platform. Ensuring the recruitment process is as efficient as possible, saving you time where possible. We at K.C. have our own: Kensington VIP (Video Interviewing Platform), which allows the correct initial questions to be asked, with clients being able to view the video interviews along with potential candidates CVs. By ensuring you have the best pre-screening methods, it can save you the time and ensure you can find the perfect candidate first time round. Read more about Kensington VIP here.

If this article has got you wondering as to how we could help you with your recruiting needs, click here!