The Growing Importance of Your Employer Brand

The Growing Importance of Your Employer Brand

13 Jun 09:00 by Matt Smethurst


In an increasingly competitive landscape, having a strong employer brand is becoming hugely important. An employer brand is the reputation and popularity of a company from the perspective of potential employees.

The Benefits of a Good Employer Brand
Having a strong employer brand gives off a great buzz around your company, and you can’t manufacture a genuine employer brand. It highlights to stakeholders what’s great about working for you. Word of mouth is a benefit, leading to an improved chance of your workplace reputation spreading out amongst your employees, and to potential candidates. A well-known factor in people moving jobs is a bad work environment/culture, by having a good work environment gives you a USP over your competition, and will improve retention. A reputable employer brand allows you more choice in recruitment, as you’ll gain more applicants through your reputation, enabling you a larger talent pool to choose from.

3 Ways to Improve Your Employer Brand

Websites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor have revolutionised the landscape of how people look for jobs. Candidates can now look at workplace reviews from current and past employees, as well as reviews on the interview process. Case studies are a great tool to show transparency, as you can share stories from your employees, enabling candidates to see your organisation from a different perspective, one that they can relate to. Simple changes can also help improve your employer brand, such as using images of your staff on your website, instead of stock images, validating your content and relating on a more personable level.

Learning From Your Failures
Scheduling regular feedback sessions gives a real insight into any changes that need making from within. No company is perfect, however facing your problems head on allows you work on fixing your issues before they escalate into larger problems. By involving your employees in feedback sessions will also show them that they’re valued and you’re committed to making changes.

Improving Your Recruitment Process
A key reason an employer brand suffers is because of the recruitment process. Ensuring you have clear communication with candidates throughout the process is important, as well as organising times and slots in due course. Getting back to candidates slowly will risk your reputation being impacted negatively. A recruiter represents your brand in the market place, so ensuring the process is running as smoothly as it can be is important. The process can impact your brand in either a positive or negative way, so it’s important your process is as tight as it can be. Receiving suitable feedback after an interview is another key reason an employer brand suffers. Once an interview has happened the candidate should receive feedback, in a timely fashion, and in a detailed manner.

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