Could your Work-Life Balance be better?

Could your Work-Life Balance be better?

18 Jul 09:00 by Matt Smethurst


Do you struggle juggling your work and personal time?

Or, maybe your schedule only seems to be getting busier?

This endless fight between your work and personal life is called your ‘work-life balance’, and it’s a lot more important than you may think. In this blog post, we’ll talk through how your work-life balance can positively and negatively impact you, as well as a few tips on how to improve your own work-life balance.

Positive Implications

Do you often feel disengaged at work? Or not as productive as you once were? This may be down to your work-life balance. A work-life balance that suits you will lead to you being more productive and engaged in your work, as you’ll be in control of your workload. This will ensure you’re not being dictated by your work. Also, by having that balance of your work and personal life leads to less instances of sickness, working positively for your mental and physical health.

Negative Implications

Do you feel the pressure of delivering on constant deadlines and tasks? A poor work-life balance can lead to you feeling heavily burdened with work, having detrimental effects on your physical and mental health. Long working hours have regularly been associated with a higher risk of anxiety and depression. Also, a survey found that when working hours increase, so do the feelings of unhappiness amongst staff. This then leads to a lack of motivation and enthusiasm, as well as an increased chance of employees being off through sickness.

Reason #1 – Are you too reliant on technology?

We all are to an extent. Technology has blurred the lines between work and personal time, such as work emails being far too accessible. Also, with media platforms such as LinkedIn, you can easily find yourself never having a break from work related activities. By setting aside time each day to not spend on technology, will give you a great break from any work distractions, and let you spend time on personal activities.

Reason #2 – Should you ask for help?

Nobody really likes asking for help, do they? However, asking for help is a great way out of stressful situations. It enables you to share any issues that you’ve got, and gain valuable perspective, bringing a solution to your problem much quicker than if you had just kept it to yourself. A fresh perspective can always help, whether it’s from ways of structuring your workload, to new ideas on how to make the most of your down time. 

Reason #3 – Family comes first, or does it?

It’s a classic saying, but may not ring as true as it once did. We may all be a bit guilty of not spending as much time with our family (or friends), in favour of work related activities. However, spending time on family activities can lead to feelings of rejuvenation, and also allows you to take meaningful breaks away from your work. This can be done by either maximising your weekends, or by planning in time during the week. Either will bring noticeable benefits to your work-life balance, as you will be removing yourself from your working world briefly, spending time with those closest to you.

What are you go-to tips with helping your work-life balance?