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Kensington Additive News - Episode 8 - 25/01/19

The Dutch manufacturer of printers, Tractus3D announces the technical specifications and pricing for their new PEEK 3D Printer, the T850P. It's the newest FFF system, designed for high-performance materials such as Carbon PEEK and PEI and boasts a heating chamber, that can reach temperatures of up to 65°C, read more

Desktop Metal close a record-breaking $160 million in funding from Koch Disruptive  Technologies, the venture capital and private equity firm who have revenues over $110 billion and headed by Chase Koch of the famous financier dynasty, read more

The first-ever full-size, 3D printed concept car that is paying tribute to the late David Bowie will be showcased at the Festival Automobile Internation in Paris at the end of the month. Massivit 3D Printing Technologies have partnered up with Marie 3D and designer Takumi Yamamoto, read more

Renishaw has announced the opening of two brand new solution's centres in Europe, based in Barcelona, Spain and Torino, Italy. The centres will have local Additive Manufacturing specialists who will work closely with customers to aid with engineering projects, read more

The largest 3D printed concrete bridge has been completed in the Baoshan district of Shanghai. The bridge spans 26.3 metres and is 3.6 metres wide, with the design being influenced by the ancient Anju bridge, read more 

Jabil has announced their new business 'Engineered Materials', which will be a separate business unit. The company will work to deliver customised and specialised polymer additive manufacturing materials to the market, read more

Kensington Additive News - Episode 7 - 11/01/19

Aubert & Duval, mettalurgy specialist and leading high performance steele, titanium and aluminuim company have now partnered with plasma manufacturing expert, PyroGenesis. Aubert & Duval will now exclusively distribute PyroGenesis' titanium powders within the European market, read more.

Metal additive manufacturing technology company, Velo3D have now partnered with Conneticut's Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc., in order to qualify and develop process parameters for their materials, read more.

Preston-based company, Lancashire 3D have now opened their first facility where they will produce prototypes and end-use components using material extrusion and VAT photopolymerisation processes. The company hosts 35 machines, which they can use for 3D printing capacity to fulfil prototyping requests, read more. 

XYZ Printing, 3D printer manufacturer based in Taiwan, revealed their range of new 3D printing products at CES 2019. This included their Da Vinci Color Mini 3D printer for low cost, full-colour 3D printing, in addition to a number of new materials, read more.

Formlabs have released their new 3D printing resins at CES 2019. The elastic resin is Formlabs' softest engineering resin, with a 50A shore durometer. This is designed for the prototyping of silicone parts which need to bend, stretch, compress and withstand repeated cycling without being able to tear, read more.

The US aeronautical company, Boeing has released images of their upcoming 777x twin-engine jet. The aircraft includes six 3D printed parts inside its GE9X engines, and is set to be the largest plane of its kind in the world. Temperature sensors, fuel mixers and heat exchangers are all 3D printed, read more.

Kensington Additive News - Episode 6 - 14/12/18

MakerBot have introduced their latest machine with 3D industrial 3D printing capabilities which they call the 'Method'. The aim with this machine is to bridge the gap between desktop and industrial 3D printing and is designed to match precision, reliability, and dimensional accuracy, read more.

ExOne have released its latest system, the X1 25 Pro. They introduced the system to enable larger build volume, and the equivalent powder metallurgy capabilities from another system of theirs, INNOVENT+. The platform is designed to focus on the Metal Injection Moulding, powder metallurgy, and mechanical engineering markets, read more.

Markforged have announced the launch of the H13 tool steel for its metal additive manufacturing platform, which they named the Metal X. The H13 is renowned for exhibiting excellent red hardness, resistance to thermal fatigue, ductility, toughness and good abrasion resistance, read more.

Volkswagen have opened a new advanced 3D printing centre, located in the manufacturer's home, Germany. The facility holds 3,100m squared of floor space, and houses a range of cutting edge metal additive manufacturing machines, read more.

Siemens have revealed their £27 million investment in a new, state of the art manufacturing facility for their Additive Manufacturing department in the UK. Worcester based business, Materials Solutions Ltd will open the new site in September 2018, which will enable them to increase AM machines from fifteen to fifty over the next five years, read more.

GKN Aerospace are opening their Global Technology Centre which will focus on Additive Manufacturing, advanced composites, assembly and Industry 4.0. The centre is set to open in Bristol in 2020, and is said to be worth £32m and will house 300 engineers, read more.

Kensington Additive News - Episode 5 - 30/11/18

Etihad Airways Engineering have announced their new and extended partnership with leading Additive Manufacturing companies, EOS and BigRepOne. This is because the company look to enhance their maintenance, overhaul and repair (MRO) services, read more.

Adidas have launched their latest 3D printed sneaker, which they call the ALPHAEDGE 4D. Using the uniquely engineered Adidas 4D midsole, for a more controlled energy return and breathable cushioning, for intense training purposes, read more.

Arburg have recently released their Freeformer 300-3X. The machine additive manufactures three-component parts in both hard and soft combinations. The company said it is the first time that additive manufacturing can make complex, functional hard/soft parts using support structures, read more.

STS Additive Manufacturing announced an investment in Markforged's Metal X 3D printing system. The AM service provider purchased the machine through BigSystems, a Markeforged reseller, becoming one of the first companies in the US to have installed the Metal X, read more.

3D Fab are now developing a "living bandage" using 3D bioprinting and direct additive manufacturing. According to the platform's project "STRESSKIN", such technologies can be positioned in the field of regenerative and personalised medicine to address current issues, read more.

GE Healthcare and VA Puget Sound Health Care System revealed their partnership to deliver improved precision healthcare for U.S. veterans, using advanced 3D imaging technology. Building on their 3D printing network, VA Puget Sound are integrating GE Healthcare's visualisation AW VolumeShare workstation with 3D printing software, read more.

Kensington Additive News - Episode 4 - 16/11/18

GE Additive has announced when they will be delivering their Concept Laser M Line Factory systems - Q2 of 2019. Previously announced at Formnext 2016, the modular system is supplemented by automation in order to deliver a reliable series production tool, read more.

Stratasys offered insight into it's new platform which is currently being developed and designed for short-run metal applications. First unveiled earlier this year, the platform is based on Stratasys' Layered Powder Metallurgy technology, read more.

HP has announced a series of developments regarding customers, applications and partnerships at Formnext 2018. This included their partnership with Autodesk, as they will use the software company's Generative Design tools to Multi Jet Fusion users, read more.

FDM Digital solutions and Roboze are now working together thanks to the Xtreme3DParts project, with the vision of transforming traditional manufacturing within aerospace, F1, automotive and industrial sectors, through high performance 3D printing technologies and materials, read more.

At Formnext, Desktop Metal discussed a number of advancements and expansion of capabilities to its Production System. They say the system is more than four times faster than any binder jet competitor, and 100 times faster than current laser-based systems, read more.

Global specialty polymer company, Solvay, has introduced three medical grade filaments for industrial additive manufacturing. This was done with the aim to broaden their portfolio of high-performance materials. The filaments can be used for a range of healthcare applications such as patient-specific cutting guides for surgery, read more.

Kensington Additive News - Episode 3 - 02/11/18

Additive Manufacturing technology developer, EOS North America, has completed its $2million investment in the North American market, in order to boost its additive manufacturing development, read more.

UK software company, Valuechain has received £960k funding from UK research & innovation towards the development of artificial intelligence into its additive manufacturing production control software, DNAam, read more.

PostProcess Technologies has announced the first step in its global expansion with the opening of its first international office and product launch in Europe, read more.

3YOURMIND have announced that they will be demonstrating an updated version of Additive Manufacturing Part Identifier System at formnext, read more.

Apium Additive Technologies has revealed the addition of a polypropylene material to its additive manufacturing portfolio ahead of their appearance at Formnext. They are set to make further announcements during the event, read more.

Kensington Additive News - Episode 2 - 15/10/18

Xjet opens Additive Manufacturing centre, and give detail on nanoparticle jetting and 3D printing. With an interview from CEO Hanan Gothait, read more.

Purdue University have found new 3D-printed cement paste gets stronger when it cracks — just like structures in nature, read more.

3D Systems have released the ProJet MJP 2500 IC, which is a wax 3D printer specifically for investment casting, read more.

Digital Metal unveils automation concept for metal 3D printing also known as a 'no-hand' production concept, read more.

Solukon teams with Siemens to launch smart metal 3D printing post processing system, read more.

Kensington Additive News - Episode 1 - 28/09/18

In our first episode of Kensington Additive news, we discuss what we learnt at The TCT Show 2018, followed by a video walk-through. More information can be found at 

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