Doing support to our clients                                                                              With 75 years combined industrial experience, our consultants have worked in a wide variety of sectors within the engineering market from engineer too senior management level. This enables us to understand your needs more clearly and results in right first time recruitment. Our methods are genuinely unique and are focused on quality of service and results a better candidate fit which can be observed in our outstanding 88% placement rate for 12 months retention. Because we have the industry experience and have been in your position and know the challenges of hiring the right candidate, we take the time to understand your specific needs. We take the time to visit your premises, understand the culture, challenge your thoughts on hiring assumptions and work up a project plan that guarantees a success. 

  Why clients turn to us?  Why clients turn to us? 
Confidence in our process, certainty of success and peace of mind in our approach, all backed up by an extensive library of testimonials. 

We are the first Engineering specialist to hold REC audited status in the north west and this demonstrates are commitment to best practice. Great candidates seek out great service hence the reason why clients are increasingly coming to us for specialist recruitment in this market. 

Our dedication to best practice has resulted in us winning numerous industry awards including overall best recruiter competed for by over 3500 recruiters in the U.K. 

Interim Management and Temporary Assignments   Interim Management and Temporary Assignments

Immediate solutions to immediate problems. Whether you have an urgent requirement, need to initiate a key strategy, or support an unplanned workload, we can meet your need. We maintain a select portfolio of interim specialiststrong references, who can parachute into any situation and make an immediate impact.

Before we begin an assignment, we generally suggest that one of our consultants meet with you at your facility in order to fully understand the requirements of the role, the 'fit', and to develop the job brief, along with questions of timescale and method. By doing this, we can ensure that we provide a structured, focused and accurate candidate match for you.

Once an assignment begins, we make sure to keep you well-involved in the process, while taking the burden from your team. We pre-screen all candidates against a set of highly technical and skills-based criteria the fully reflect our agreed job brief. We then supply you with a shortlist of candidates, who we have interviewed in person and who exceed the set criteria.

These practices ensure an effective Recruitment Process:

  • Time-saving

  • Cost effective

  • Shorter time-to-hire

  • Higher standard of applicant

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