Stephen Naylor

Stephen Naylor

Head of Industry 4.0

Lives in: Chorley

Age in Dog Years: 261.1 (at time of writing)

Tipple of Choice: I’ll start with a beer…I’ll finish with whatever you’ve got.

View on Jaffa Cakes (biscuit or cake): Based on the study I read it depends solely on how many you have.  Less than 3 and it’s a cake, if you have more (or the entire packet in one sitting?) then clearly you have to declare them as biscuits as you can’t really get away with telling your friends at Weight Watchers that you just ate 12 cakes if you still want a gold star.

Most notable achievement involving food: Made a lasagne once, it was ace.                 

Most Used Saying: Wow…really?!

Worst Holiday (Why?): Malia.  If you’ve ever been you’ll know the why!