Additive Manufacturing


25% growth year on year, with a projected global market value of $21bn by 2020, additive manufacturing has experienced significant growth and development in the last ten years. Born out of rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing is the digitalisation of 3D design data used to build up a component in layers by depositing material. The term "additive" relates to the adoption of this process to manufacture series-production components through this method. Built up layer by layer, offering alternative design and material capabilities, this dynamic and revolutionary market has successfully disrupted the traditional thoughts and methods of design and manufacturing. Click to see the different 3D processes.

Since 2014, Kensington Additive has established an unrivalled network of talent across the globe and has successfully partnered with some of the market leading machine manufacturers, end users, powder producers and service bureaus across North America, Europe and the UK. Demand for Engineers with AM experience continues to rise, specifically in the fields of applications, field service, sales, DFAM, materials and process development . There is also consistent interest from clients for senior managers, with the ability to create, develop and implement an AM business from scratch.

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Additive Manufacturing

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  • "In my opinion, Kensington Consulting has been a very valuable partner, especially in regard to higher level technical positions in the area of Additive Manufacturing where we lack the expertise and talent pool required for our growth. The account management has been responsive and crisp and the team at Kensington has been quite flexible and accommodating when it comes to complying with our processes, policies and requirements for vendorship. I would recommend they be added to our program as a global supplier because they are a knowledgeable partner that is also reliable."


  • As a manufacturing business within the heavy engineering sector we have been fortunate over recent years to experience a sustained growth in the demand for our products and services leading to a proportionate requirement to increase our workforce. To support this growth it has been vital that we could source the right people, with the right skills, and at the right time. Kensington Consulting has proved to be a valued and reliable partner in achieving this goal. We have found the consultants to be both very professional and knowledgeable in identifying and sourcing appropriate candidates to fill a wide variety of roles in many disciplines.

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