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Contributing £6.7tn to the global economy, UK manufacturing is the 9th largest industry employing 2.7 million people. With high importance to the UK's economy, Manufacturing industries employ a large share of labour related jobs and produce materials which are needed across the globe. Generating wealth, this sector creates a high volume of employment, with diverse skills covering many different aspects of the division. A manufacturer tends to see their work as art, so attention to detail and efficiency is very important in this role.
Kensington Consulting provides candidate and client services across precision engineering, FMCG, print, packaging and pharmaceuticals. Recruiting precisions across maintenance, production, supply chain and CI from engineer to senior management level, we carefully assess skill sets and matches the most suitable jobs for our candidates.

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General Manufacturing


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  • "I have worked with many recruitment companies and would like to add that I found your services very prompt and professional. The whole process left me confident and assured of your best intent for all parties. I have every intention of recommending your company to future suppliers/customers."

    Cascade Candidate

  • "It has been a pleasure working with Kensington’s to recruit into our business. I found your service professional, prompt and more importantly, you provided candidates appropriate to our requirements. I would recommend Kensington Consulting to suppliers and customers and look forward to dealing with you again."


  • "I was involved with Kensingtons firstly as a candidate for a specific senior operations position they were recruiting for at the time. What was instantly apparent was their industry experience and knowledge of operations, you could tell from the probing questions they understood the discipline not just at a holistic level but actually down in the detail relating to deployment of methods, engaging change, deploying strategies, driving performance and handling people issues. They took the time to get to know me as a person through various face to face meetings, many recruiters claim to face to face all their candidates however it’s the quality of these meetings which is important, tick box exercises in many respects, this was on a different level. The questions were challenging and relevant. I now regard Kensington’s as our Technical Partner for recruitment and I could not recommend the business any more highly."

    J.A Harrison

  • "Many thanks for your support during our recent campaign, although joining us fairly late on, you delivered exactly what you said and in the timescales quoted. You will be my first port of call with any future requirements. Notable achievements: - Getting in to see me - Top class job, not many new suppliers can get to my desk within a tight timescale, excellent introduction and follow up phone calls. - A well-presented introduction to your company and talk through your KPI. - Great questions asked about site/department needs/skill set/people fit & general position responsiblities. - You also identified what I would be looking for during candidate interview and what interview approach I would be using. - Your pre-selection meant I had no time wasted reviewing your potential candidates. - Offer to employment made. I have recommended you to our HR team for future requirements elsewhere in the business."

    Allied Bakeries

  • "The scoring system used on the front page of each CV helped in immediately identifying areas of interest, so thank you for that. All candidates appeared to be sufficiently informed about our requirements which helped us to see those that were forward thinking and leaders from those that just wanted to take direction, the former being what we were looking for in Ian's successor. I thank you for the time you had obviously put into this project and look forward to working with you again in the future."

    PI Castings

  • “One thing I will say about Kensingtons is that they provided a very good screening process – Phil found us 2-3 strong candidates. He had also done a very thorough background check on the candidates making it easier for us. I would recommend their services, and will definitely be using Kensington Consulting again in the future.”

    James Dewhurst


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