Kensington VIP

If innovating the way you hire has ever crossed your mind, then you are in the right place. CV's are great for explaining how skilled a candidate is, and how they impacted their previous places of work - however, they don't show you how right a person is for your workplace. With technology dominating all corners of the world, why are we still using a tradition that Leonardo da Vinci used from centuries ago (google it)? It is essential that before you go through with a hire, that you have assessed the candidate against your company culture, moral and day to day behaviours. Kensington VIP allows you to do just that.

A revolutionary way to hire and apply for a job. The video interviewing platform increases your chance of getting to know the candidate/client without needing to pay for travel or spend time on a first stage interview. This is exactly how it works...

1. The Job

The job specification is discussed in clear detail between consultant and client. Moving forward with this, a selection of candidates are contacted by our specialist consultant and the opportunity is explained.

2. The Interview

After confirming a set of role/company specific questions the client would like to know, we interview the candidate, asking the questions provided via a face-to-face two way video interview, which is recorded and uploaded to the portal.

The client can also provide a video, with an insight into the company in better detail, which the candidate can watch and assess if it is a company they would like to work for.

3. The Selection

The client receives real-time notifcations via email, alerting them that a candidate video has been uploaded to their job. They then review the video answers along with the CV on the candidates profile, to which they then click a button selecting if they are interested in this candidate or not.

4. The Shortlist

When all candidates have been interviewed, and the client has selected interested or not interested, they are then sent to a face-to-face interview (second stage) with the client where the skills and attributes explained in the video, can be discussed in more detail.

So you have eliminated the first stage interview - which many employers and employees waste time on attending just to realise the fit is not right - a lot of time and money wasted. The first stage interview is usually just a 'get to know you' scenario, and with the assessment of these videos, using the questions the client would have asked anyway, the second stage can begin much with a much warmer approach, as well as client and candidate have a pre-empted understanding of one another.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us today and we can sign you up free of charge.

Clients, let us help you hire the right person first time, everytime.

Candidates, let us help you find the right job first time, everytime.

Kensington V.I.P Feedback:

"Klarius requested to use Kensingtons 2-way video interviewing platform, which was beneficial as it allows all board members access to make a decision collaboratively."

"The best part of the process was the video interview screening process, it was very unique and I really enjoyed it."

"As I said, I’d never done one of those before, but it was really enjoyable and I’d certainly recommend it! But then again, maybe you have to be of a certain personality type to do so? At any rate, your relaxed style helped initially, and I look forward to getting feedback from your client on it."